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Gage in MD

My name is Gage. I am a 16 month old purebred ES being fostered in MD. I was born on a farm in OH but my breeder had a tough time placing my brothers and me. A kind person referred him to NESR who stepped in to help.

I started out my journey as a very shy dog since I was not exposed to much outside of the barn where I was kept. I have learned so much from my foster family and now I am not afraid of everything like I used to be. I am neutered and up to date on vaccinations. I like car rides, treats, playtime with my canine buddies and snuggles with familiar humans (I love my foster dad!). I am crate trained and have learned obedience basics. I appreciate a calm, confident human leader who will give me clear boundaries and expectations. I also appreciate having another well adjusted dog around to help remind me how to deal with new things and to be a playmate. It took me a while to learn all the things I needed to learn to be a best friend to someone but I am ready for that, especially if you are willing to be patient and help me continue my lessons in confidence!

Please contact Amy Dorsch at if you think you are the person for me.


Riley in Northern California

Dear dear Riley is looking for a foster. Riley is a spayed young female adult.

She is currently in northern California near the Oregon border. She is used to suburban living, no farm experience but she would be excellent at rodent removal work as her prey drive is there. NESR is looking for a place without cats.

She is very loyal would love to be someone's one and only. Well loved and cared for.

Her family is moving to a place she cannot follow them to.  

If you are interested in learning more about Riley, please contact Ana at Place "NESR Riley" in the subject line of your email.


Mel in TN- Adoption Pending


Mel is a 3-4 yo spayed female from the great state of Tennessee.  Mel was an adept survivor when observed foraging along a river. It took a while to bring her to the shelter as she was hyperaware and at some stage of nursing or recovering from nursing a litter.  The puppies were neither seen nor captured so we don't know what happened with them.  Her Angel came in the form of a wonderful lady who plucked her out of the shelter and brought her home.  She was spayed, and medically taken care of as well as given a safe loving place to be. Now her former Mom was no stranger to rescues, she does that as a matter of course focusing on terriers. Mel is a love with people, kids and other dogs.  She liked the terriers so much she decided she especially liked them to be grouped together.  That is how it was discovered that Mel is a natural herding dog.  There is no aggression on her part just an eye for tidy herding.  A farmstead would be a lovely situation for Mel but not the only match.  She would thrive in a home where she has a job, a challenge, an outlet for her intelligence -agility, nosework training for all sorts of uses would be great.  A home where she is active with her people would be just the ticket.  It is recommended that cats not be part of the household. 

Mel is a total sweetheart waiting for her loving home. She thrives on relationships and would make such a great partner for someone wanting a keen intellect and a heart of gold.  Mel is currently in the Tennessee/North Carolina area.

If you are interested in learning more about Mel, please contact Ana at Place NESR Mel in the subject line of your email.

Zeke in KS - ADOPTED



Rusty in IA - ADOPTED

Blue in NE - ADOPTED







Jake in NH - ADOPTED





NESR Dogs in Foster
These dogs are in foster care with NESR but are not yet ready for adoption.  We hope this allows you to follow the progress of these dogs as they prepare to move toward adoption.

Barney in AS



NESR Barney is a 9-month-old brindle tricolor English Shepherd. A breeder surrender, he has been with us now for about two months. Skittish under some circumstances still, and scared of confined spaces, but lots of sit-on-the-dog time has brought him out of his shell some. Plays well with our two dogs, and adores our older male. Walks at a respectful heel on our walks through the forest by ourselves, but he gets rambunctious when the others come with. Does surprisingly well with strangers; while he doesn’t seek them out, he will sniff at them. Still prefers his safe spaces (his crate, under the kitchen table, next to my chair in the living room, or on the sofa) and will go between them if given a choice. The other dogs are trying to teach him that the world is bigger than those four places, and sometimes he listens. Gets car sick, though timing his trips and medication (Benedryl and/or dramamine) help. Ironically, the pickiest eater I have ever encountered, and the least food-motivated. His behavioral issues remind me very much of the Operation New Beginnings dogs (i.e. we believe he was undersocialized), though I think he is in much better shape than they were. A very athletic little guy who still has to grow into his body; he’s currently 45 lbs. and could comfortably reach 50 lbs as an adult. Currently in central Arkansas.

If you are interested in learning more about Barney, please contact Ana at Place NESR Barney in the subject line of your email.


Ohio Band of Brothers


In early June, a litter of 5 purebred adolescent pups and their sire were turned into NESR. The pups were raised on a farm with minimal socialization and vetting. Upon arrival, all were very thin with poor muscle tone.  They have all put on weight and gained strength with regular exercise. They have been in foster care now for about 6 weeks and are approaching adoption readiness. 

We have termed them the Band of Brothers.  They are now 8 months old.  Their individual  listings will be added as they are ready.  There are some common things we have seen in all the pups however.   All are timid and uncertain of novel situations and people but all have shown  good resiliency.  At 8 months they are exhibiting the kind of puppy behaviors one might expect in a 4-5 month old pup. This is, in large part, due to their lack of early training and exposure to living in a home.  They are catching up and will need owners who can  provide boundaries and guidance as well as continued socialization and training.  

All have shown the desire to connect to their human fosters as well as the resident foster dogs from whom they gain confidence.  They have come leaps and bounds from their first days and have the potential to be awesome, loving companions. Individual bios on each pup are coming soon so stay tuned!  Inquiries can be directed to their coordinator, Amy Dorsch at

Cora in Co - ADOPTED


Cora is a 3 year old tri English Shepherd from unknown parentage.  She is in basic training right now.  She won't be available for adoption for several months.  She will not be a candidate for a house with children under 15.

We will post more about Cora as we get to know her better.







Owner Referral

Part of our mission is to assist owners of English Shepherds in finding new homes for their dogs when they can no longer take care of them. The following dogs are listed as a service to those who must give up their dogs and prefer not to surrender them to a shelter.

Since we have not seen or evaluated these dogs, we cannot make any representation or take responsibility for any dog's temperament or health. Prospective adopters should contact the owner of a dog directly.

Criteria for listings on NESR website
Listings submitted by an accredited rescue are complimentary. We ask for a supporting donation from owners listing their dogs.

All listings should include:

  • Name of the dog
  • Picture(s), preferably side and front view
  • Age and sex
  • Health/medical information, Including whether spayed/neutered
  • Training
  • Current situation the dog is living in
  • The type of environment best suited for the dog to be successful
  • Purebred ES or ESy dog
  • Current location (City, State)
  • Contact information for the current owner

Listings cannot include:

  • ‘Adoption fee’ if the dog is currently owned by a private party
  • Breeder’s name (we ask that the breeder, if known, be contacted for assistance in rehoming the dog)







Other Rescue Organizations
The following dogs are with other Rescue Organizations and are possibly not English Shepherds but they are English Shepherdish enough to be listed here. All adoptions are handled by the fostering Rescue Group. Please contact them or visit their web sites for more info about these dogs and other fine dogs they have in rescue!

PetFinder is a website devoted to listing dogs from shelters and rescue groups around the country. You can search PetFinder by breed or region to find the right dog for your family.

There are often English Shepherds listed on the PetFinder pages although sometimes the breed identification seems a little iffy. However, here are some dogs currently on the PetFinder website who are either ES or ESy. NESR has no connections with any of these organizations and makes no promises regarding the dogs listed here from PetFinders. We offer this list in the interest of one stop shopping...

If you have any questions about finding what you're looking for on PetFinders email Lynn for help.



Tom Petty in TN - ADOPTED

NESR performs a temperament evaluation on all dogs it is considering bringing into rescue. NESR reserves the right to decline any dog based on the needs/temperament of the dog and the qualifications of foster homes available at the time.

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