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Walter in CA

Walter is a very handsome 3 year old registered English Shepherd. If you are looking for a true English Shadow, he is your guy! Walter would be most happy as a devoted companion dog.  He is tall, around 60 lbs., neutered, up to date on all vaccinations.

Walter is friendly with all people. He is not a watch dog or alarm barker. He was raised in a home with babies & toddlers and was good with them. Walter loves to play with kids. His original owners loved him very much but felt that they did not have enough time for a dog. They taught him to shake and give a high five, which he loves to ask you to do. Walter could use a little more obedience training & leash work to be well trained, but he is generally cooperative, always comes when called, great off leash. Food motivated. He is easy going, sensitive and very affectionate. He loves to be right at your side and keep his head on your knee. He can be slightly reluctant to try new things and sometimes needs encouragement. His activity level is always appropriate to the situation.

Walter is wonderful in the house, except for being an extraordinarily adept counter surfer. He has minimal prey drive, is good with cats, chickens, other dogs, & pigs. He shows a little interest in herding sheep but is safe with them. He is afraid of horses & cattle, so chooses to avoid them.

If you truly appreciate a loyal companion dog and want to know more about Walter, please contact Kim at   Please put NESR Walter as the subject.


Mercedes in IN

Hi, I’m Mercedes! I was rescued from a shelter in Indiana.  The people there were so nice,  they thought I might be pregnant, but no, I wasn’t......but I was heart worm positive. Those nice people started Me on heart worm treatment right away.  That is all done, and they spayed me as well!  It was a long 3 months for me, because activity had to be minimal while I was being treated for heart worms.  No fun at all, so I am glad that I am now healthy! 

I am normally a very active,  happy, exuberant girl,  so it was a frustrating 3 months for me! But my wonderful Foster Mom helped me through it!

I am now house trained, with no accidents.  I have learned basic leash training.  I am  friendly both with people and other dogs, but I do have a bit of a dominant personality. I got along real well with both of the ES dogs with her foster family, one male and one female.  

I have done so well with my Foster Mom, that she lets me be totally off leash on the family’s small farm, although I do wear a GPS tracker.  I will come when called, even if a distance away on the farm.  I like staying close to home.  

I have hung out with both free range chickens and geese, and I may need occasional correction for chasing a flighty bird, but I have never injured one.  I’m OK with cats until they run......then the chase is on! Cat safe with me is still a work in progress, but since Foster Mom also breeds cats, I have been able to learn about them, and nobody has gotten hurt!

I do a bit  more barking than the foster homes other 2 dogs, but my barking has decreased since my activity level has increased after my heartworm treatment, and since I have learned to be able to be included in more family activities.  

I am about 2 years old.  I do  love laying  on A nice cozy  sofa (if permitted at your house), and I love putting my head in your lap! I love lots of exercise, and would love a small farm setting. 

If you are interested in adopting me, please contact my coordinator, Russ, at and put NESR Mercedes in the subject line!


Oscar in OR - Adoption Pending

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Oscar and I don’t like to brag (much) but I’m quite the young gentleman. I am approximately 3 years old. I’m a purebred English Shepherd who’s had some rough times in my life. With the help of my foster family I’ve conquered lots of things that used to scare me and they say I’m really coming out of my shell. I’m a happy guy these days, snuggling in beds, playing with my foster brothers (dog AND cat), and learning to romp in dog parks. I’m neutered, heartworm negative, and up to date on all my shots. As much as I love my foster family, I’m looking for a place to call my own, with people who will be all mine. My ideal family would be willing to help me keep building up my confidence with a routine, a calm atmosphere, and gentle guidance.





Torez in VA - Adoption Pending

Hello! I know introductions are good manners, so allow me to introduce myself. My name is Torez, but please, call me Tori or Tor (my foster family does!). Did you know that Virginia is the birthplace of more Presidents than any other state? Even more important, Virginia is where *I* live! I’m a teenager, at least in dog terms…10 months old! I’m working very hard with my foster family to learn about all the things a young and upcoming English Shepherd needs to know. I really want to be the best boy, but it’s hard work because I’ve had some gaps in my education, so sometimes I get nervous about new things and new people…but I’m learning that people are nice and carry tasty treats and if I am calm and quiet, they will feed me treats!!

I have a lot of puppy energy and my foster family says I’m one smart cookie (COOKIES! DID YOU SAY COOKIES?) and I learn fast. I like to play hard and sometimes I take advantage of the my really nice foster brother so it’s good that my foster people set limits and help me control myself. I don’t like getting into the car but once I’m there I like to ride in my crate and see new things (as long as I can take things at my own pace). I am up to date on all my vaccinations and I’m heartworm negative. I hope I learn all my lessons soon so that I can find a family to call my very own. Maybe I should make a wishlist for Santa? I need people who have a lot of experience with English Shepherd teenagers, and it would be neat to have an older brother or sister but I’d be ok with being the only dog in the house.




Jack in SC - Adoption Pending

Jack is a cattle dog. He is being re-homed because he is a cattle dog and not a goat herder. He comes from ES lines known for gritty, tenacious, fantastic cattle herders. He loves kids of the human kind and is great with them. Everyone recognizes he is a great dog with the exception of rabbits and free range chickens. They don't like Jack because he likes the taste of chicken and rabbit tastes just like----chicken. Other than that he is the cattle herder of your dreams. He is a hard working dog who wants and needs to be with his people as well. I expect there is a home out there that understands that combination. When the day is done and you are happy to just exist and express yourself in sighs and knowing looks - Jack's eyes are the ones you want to meet.



Cooper is your Farm Manager and Best Friend in one tidy black and white package. Every morning between 6:00 and 6:15am (ES pride themselves on being flexible) he patrols your mutual home ground. Varmints and intruders aren't welcome. If something is off, he's gonna tell you—like Lassie but without the over-focus on Timmy in the well. He lives to be a farm dog and that is why Cooper finds himself with NESR shopping for THE farm that will need and love him most.

He is 3.5 years old, currently in Michigan but will travel for the right farm. As a pup he was kicked in the teeth at 8 mos., lost a few teeth but not his gumption, he was cleaned up by his best friend (the farmer) and ran back out, with a now learned respectful distance to push that horse into the barn. He put away livestock every night. He is overenthusiastic in moving the chickens though and will need some additional training to learn that feathered casualties are to be avoided. He does take the word OFF very seriously, so the tools for that training are already in place.

Cooper lives to work with his farmer. He's going to stay out and do the chores until it's dark and time to come in. Then it's time to celebrate another solid day of hard work. His food bowl is sacred ground. When it's time to rest he's going to be right next to you, touching you in some way. He sleeps inside next to his person's bed. He has been loved and cared for like the treasured partner that he is. He is looking for a farm and a farmer because he is loved so greatly. He and his farmer left their Place behind to help family elsewhere. His farmer recognizes that Cooper needs a farmer with a farm. It's the greatest gift he can give Cooper to find that place where he can have it all again.


NESR Dogs in Foster
These dogs are in foster care with NESR but are not yet ready for adoption.  We hope this allows you to follow the progress of these dogs as they prepare to move toward adoption.


Michael in OR

Michael is sweetie who is most likely a purebred English Shepherd, but we don’t have any details on his pedigree. He is approximately 4 years old. He was rescued, along with 11 other dogs, from a situation where he didn’t get a chance to work on his people skills, but he’s got the “getting along with dogs” thing down pat. He loves to cuddle and nap with his foster family’s kitty cat, and he does an awesome job being respectful of his foster family’s mostly blind and mostly deaf Aussie, so he could probably fit into most any household that would take the time to help him with scary new people and new situations. He bonded immediately with his host mom, and after giving it some consideration, he has decided his host dad is pretty great, too. They have done an excellent job bringing him out of his shell, but he still has a lot of work to do getting comfortable with newpeople and new situations like town life. He loves riding in the car, though, so getting him around to continue his socialization will be easy for his new family when they help him to keep working on his social skills.

After spending his whole life outside, Michael has decided that the indoor life is for him. He’s starting to play with toys and is learning to play fetch. He loves running around the yard and playing with the other dogs in the family, and he’s pretty submissive so he gets along with everyone. He likes being with his people and will always be there to lean against you, ready to prop you up if you are ever in danger of falling over. He is making big strides in learning his house manners, and he’s starting to get the idea of coming when you call him. He’s also working on other commands like sit and down. 

With a little more work getting socialized, Michael will make a great addition to anyone’s family. If you are interested, please email Nancy at and put “Michael” in the subject line.


Saige in MI

Saige is settling in to her new foster home. We will let you know when she is ready to look for her forever home.

Vader in TX - Adoption Pending

Don’t let his name fool you - this is one adorable, sweet, affectionate boy! He wants to be in your lap or at your side at all times. His second favorite thing is swimming. If there is a pool available, he is in it.

Vader is 3 years old, a handsome black & tan with a natural bobtail that will make you laugh when he wags it. He gets along great with the resident female ES and cats. He did well in his previous home with horses and children. Vader is currently having treatment for heart worms and will be available for adoption when his treatment is finished.



Raider in TN - Adoption Pending

How do you do? My name is Raider. I am a 7 yr purebred male given up when my elderly breeder could no longer manage his dogs. My heartworm treatment is ongoing and I'm not quite ready for adoption yet.

I am a gentleman of a dog (you can tell by the way I cross my paws). I have an easy going, kind demeanor and a natural desire to please. I do like the ladies and tend to gravitate to women although I have learned to like and trust my foster dad as well. Kids are pretty neat too as long as they are kind, like the ones here.

I love the cat that lives here. He goes for walks with us everyday and I do not chase or harass him. I get along well with all my foster's female dogs but I am not keen on her intact male. He gives me the stink eye and I give it right back!  I would do best in a home as an only dog or in a home with girls only (I told you I was a ladies' man!)

I have spent a lot of time in a crate during my treatment. I go in willingly in command and am content to be there although I long for the day when I can be given more freedom.  I was raised and kept outside before coming to NESR and I have had to learn not to mark anything but trees and bushes. I am pretty reliable but my new owner will want to keep a watchful eye and remind if I forget. I love the house (especially this miracle you humans call air conditioning) and am happiest when I can hang out with my foster mom and lie at her feet.while she works on her computer or watches TV. I also like not having to weather thunder storms outside anymore as they make me a little nervous. I feel safe in my crate. 

My foster mom and I walk in the fields 
3-4 times a day and I respect the leash. I have actually gotten in better shape here despite being relegated to limited activity. I am trim and fit and pretty darned handsome if I do say so myself. As soon as I am cleared from the HW infection, I will be neutered and probably have my teeth cleaned. I broke some in the past and although they don't bother me, the nice people at NESR said they would help get them in better shape.  


Owner Referral

Part of our mission is to assist owners of English Shepherds in finding new homes for their dogs when they can no longer take care of them. The following dogs are listed as a service to those who must give up their dogs and prefer not to surrender them to a shelter.

Since we have not seen or evaluated these dogs, we cannot make any representation or take responsibility for any dog's temperament or health. Prospective adopters should contact the owner of a dog directly.

Criteria for listings on NESR website
Listings submitted by an accredited rescue are complimentary. We ask for a supporting donation from owners listing their dogs.

All listings should include:

  • Name of the dog
  • Picture(s), preferably side and front view
  • Age and sex
  • Health/medical information, Including whether spayed/neutered
  • Training
  • Current situation the dog is living in
  • The type of environment best suited for the dog to be successful
  • Purebred ES or ESy dog
  • Current location (City, State)
  • Contact information for the current owner

Listings cannot include:

  • ‘Adoption fee’ if the dog is currently owned by a private party
  • Breeder’s name (we ask that the breeder, if known, be contacted for assistance in rehoming the dog)







Other Rescue Organizations
The following dogs are with other Rescue Organizations and are possibly not English Shepherds but they are English Shepherdish enough to be listed here. All adoptions are handled by the fostering Rescue Group. Please contact them or visit their web sites for more info about these dogs and other fine dogs they have in rescue!

PetFinder is a website devoted to listing dogs from shelters and rescue groups around the country. You can search PetFinder by breed or region to find the right dog for your family.

There are often English Shepherds listed on the PetFinder pages although sometimes the breed identification seems a little iffy. However, here are some dogs currently on the PetFinder website who are either ES or ESy. NESR has no connections with any of these organizations and makes no promises regarding the dogs listed here from PetFinders. We offer this list in the interest of one stop shopping...

If you have any questions about finding what you're looking for on PetFinders email Lynn for help.



Tom Petty in TN - ADOPTED

NESR performs a temperament evaluation on all dogs it is considering bringing into rescue. NESR reserves the right to decline any dog based on the needs/temperament of the dog and the qualifications of foster homes available at the time.

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