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National English Shepherd Rescue, Ltd.
started in the spring of 1997 as an offshoot of the English Shepherd Club's rescue committee's investigation of whether or not any English Shepherds actually needed rescuing. The answer was a definite yes. Thankfully, the breed is obscure enough and most breeders responsible enough that not that many English Shepherds need rescuing. We've rescued about 50 dogs a year since then plus worked with shelters and other rescues to place English Shepherds and ESy dog in their care. We also work with owners and breeders to try to prevent English Shepherds from needing rescue. We would love to put ourselves out of business, but with the breed's increasing popularity that dream seems unlikely.

NESR consists of a small volunteer Board of Directors and a wonderful network of volunteers from the Club and the online email lists. Our rescue mission would not be possible without the help of people all across the country who are willing to visit and evaluate dogs in shelters, provide transportation, and both long and short term foster care. The heart of any rescue is with these unsung heroes and we are grateful for their support and dedication.

NESR Mission Statement
National English Shepherd Rescue's mission is to see that no English Shepherd is unwanted, unloved, or destroyed for want of a good home. The key pieces to this mission are:

  • Rescuing purebred English Shepherds from euthanasia at animal shelters in North America in order to give them a second chance for a good life
  • Rescuing, at the request of owners, purebred English Shepherds from homes in North America
  • Counseling dog owners on behavior problems to prevent dogs from needing to be rescued
  • Working with the English Shepherd Club to educate both breeders and potential English Shepherd owners about the need for socialization, training, and mental as well as physical exercise
  • Educating shelters and other rescue organizations about the English Shepherd breed
  • Working with shelters and other rescue organizations to rescue part English Shepherds and dogs of unknown pedigree who are sufficiently of the English Shepherd type to be considered adoptable as English Shepherds.



Nancy Houtkooper, President
Kathi Tesarz, Vice President
Amy Dorsch, Secretary
Helen McMillin, Treasurer
Dianne Kuhl - Director at Large
Kim Consol, National Coordinator East
Ann Cassidy, National Coordinator West
Amy Dorsch, DAL
Jan Hilborn, MAL
Martha Connelly, MAL

Trainers Consultants
Janeen McMurtrie
Heather Houlahan
Shezan Cliffman
Sheila Ruble

Contact Volunteers
Jenifer Franz (on hiatus)
Sara Golden (on hiatus)
Emily Hinton

Moral (And Other) Support:
Shezan Cliffman
Irith Bloom
Dianne Kuhl
Irith Bloom

Ann Cassidy
Jane Connors
Kim Consol
Amy Dorsch
Jenifer Franz (on hiatus)
Jan Hilborn
Paige Horst (on hiatus)
Nancy Houtkooper (on hiatus)
Helen McMillin
Rob McMillin
Kathi Tesarz (on hiatus)
Brook Vinnedge

Coordinators (Retired)
Barb Berry
Irith Bloom
Mary Boehm
Shezan Cliffman
Martha Connolly
Megan Connolly
Holly Marie Johnson
Jody Richwagen
Annie Riecken
Rachael Roper
Shelley Salmons
Laree Shulman
Ashley Spann
Margaret Wilson

Website and Internet Support:
Cari Templeton
Shelley Salmons

Board of Directors

  • Nancy Houtkooper - President
  • Kathi Tesarz - VP
  • Amy Dorsch - Secretary
  • Helen McMillin - Treasurer
  • Dianne Kuhl - Director at Large
  • National Coordinator West
    - Ann Cassidy
  • National Coordinator East
    - Kim Consol

Director at large:

  • Amy Dorsch

Members at large:

  • Jan Hilborn
  • Martha Connelly

Herding and Ranch Dog, English Shepherd

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