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Ollie in KS

Cheerful, friendly nine-month-old Ollie has some of the most glowing reports of any dog we have ever seen at NESR. Our foster says he is “one of the easier young dogs I’ve ever had” at her boarding kennel. He gets along well with all the other dogs there, and loves people of all sizes (“he has never met a stranger”) — including the foster’s grandchildren, “a kid-friendly dog.”

At the vet, he was a complete gentleman, quietly allowing handling of all kinds, including feet. He politely waits for snacks with the other dogs “sitting butt-to-butt” next to each other. “Completely and totally housebroken,” he has not once chewed anything inappropriate in the house. He has a very good recall, which isn’t needed often — he wants to stay about 10 feet away from you — but at his age it will take some time to solidify it. He willingly gets into the car for trips to the store and the vet; he prefers to ride on the floor.

He’s very food motivated, and especially, he loves people food. Our foster says, “You could probably train him to do anything with people food.”
We found out over the July 4th holiday that he is also unafraid of thunderstorms or fireworks.

Since he is such a “super easygoing” social boy, we are also looking for a home that has another dog already, and because of his recall and need to explore on his own, a fenced yard. Please email rlm@scareduck.com with “Ollie” in the subject line, or fill out our online adoption application and select Ollie from the “Interested In” dropdown.




Rosie & Ivy in MN - ADOPTED



























Angel in MO - ADOPTED













NESR Dogs in Foster
These dogs are in foster care with NESR but are not yet ready for adoption.  We hope this allows you to follow the progress of these dogs as they prepare to move toward adoption.


Blondie in AR

Two-year-old Blondie was the first of nine dogs rescued from the Missouri woods by a neighbor who fed her and earned her confidence. Starving, sick, covered with ticks, and riddled with parasites, she quickly decided she needed to trust a human.

In foster with us, she has proven affectionate with people in the home, eagerly climbing into available laps and giving little kisses. She takes more time to warm up to strangers. She is a dream on lead, unless something new that she has not been previously exposed to causes her to panic (like garden sprinklers), or there is a squirrel nearby. She proved emphatically housebroken, several times breaking out of her X-pen to do her business in the bathroom, and then breaking back in while no one was there. She gets along with the foster’s elder male dog (who keeps his distance anyway), but is wary of the female, whose cheerful but too-energetic attempts to make friends have backfired.

One other reason she might not want anything to do with our female (aside from the fact that the house girl outweighs her by 15 lbs): she arrived pregnant, delivering six clear sable puppies on June 21. (We’re not sure who the daddy is, but think it likely it was one of the three clear sable adult males from this same group, possibly more than one.) Because of this, Blondie won’t be available to adopt until after her pups are available for adoption in late August.

For more information on Blondie, or to inquire about any of her puppies, please email rlm@scareduck.com with “Blondie” somewhere in the subject line.


Sunny in NY

Sunny is a very happy dog with a lot of energy. About 2 years old, she had a rough start to life, but is now thriving in her foster home.

Sunny loves everyone! She has taken well to meeting children, adults, and other dogs.  She has been exposed to chickens and shows a healthy curiosity through the fenced-in run.

Calm and polite, Sunny has had lunch with her fosters at a dog-friendly restaurant and gone on hikes with ease. In public Sunny is a very good girl. She does jump when she says hi to people, but if you ask her to sit, or ignore her and wait for her to sit on her own, she will let you pet her without jumping. 

She is learning how to settle around other dogs. She loves them a bit too much and will poke at them for attention, despite them asking for space. Her fosters are working on this. Right now, if an adopter has another dog, only a home experienced with having multiple dogs and only dogs that are younger and able to keep up with her energy are recommended.

Sunny is smart! Her fosters discovered that she knows the German commands for sit and down, and also responds very well to the hand signals for these commands. She has a great recall, but this has only been tested on the fosters’ fenced-in acre of land. Sunny is working on learning how to settle in the house, as she currently will jump on you and mouth your hands to get you to pay attention to her.
The foster home has a lot of chews and toys for her to choose from, and she has learned what is a dog toy and what isn’t. In her past she would chew on things if she was bored. Since being in her foster home, she has occasionally chewed on things she shouldn’t have but was easily redirected.  Once redirected, she never goes back to chew on the same thing. For the most part, Sunny is trustworthy if she wanders into another room alone. She is crate trained, so if the foster is not home, she is crated. Sometimes Sunny will investigate tempting things on the edge of the counter. Her fosters are working on this and do not think this will be an issue long term. 

This sweet girl has the potential to be the perfect dog once she learns some rules about living in a house. Her fosters are working on helping program that “off switch” for her. 

If you would like to know more about Sunny, please contact Kim at staroseranch@jps.net Please put NESR Sunny in the subject line.



“Beautiful, cloud soft Bailey” is about 1-1/2 years old, originally picked up from a Missouri shelter. “Terrified of people and nearly feral when she came to NESR, Bailey went to a trainer experienced with ferals and dogs with hard histories.” There, she “began the months-long process of proving that people are safe, reliable, predictable, quiet, fun, give good treats, use combs softly, [and] give nice warm baths”. She’s getting over a lot of her fears of ordinary things, some of which have made our trainer back off normal pressure in her basic obedience training. She still is beginning to understand what is expected of her, and moves well with a knowledgeable person. Her trainer thinks she’s seen a lot, and only recently has begun to “smile and play”, with offleash “chase me” one of her favorite games.

Bailey will need a quiet home with a person having “gentle hands” once she becomes confident enough to meet her new people. She doesn’t bark much ordinarily, but she can when she has moments of confidence. She will need an owner willing to be “patient, kind, [and] slow” with her. She is a flight risk at present, and will need someone who will “not let her escape and hide and continue to push her to grow and get more confident” and not let her “become a sort of hermit”. “[W]ith some love and maintenance of the structures of obedience”, “she’s going to turn into a fabulous dog.”





Owner Referral

Part of our mission is to assist owners of English Shepherds in finding new homes for their dogs when they can no longer take care of them. The following dogs are listed as a service to those who must give up their dogs and prefer not to surrender them to a shelter.

Since we have not seen or evaluated these dogs, we cannot make any representation or take responsibility for any dog's temperament or health. Prospective adopters should contact the owner of a dog directly.

Criteria for listings on NESR website
Listings submitted by an accredited rescue are complimentary. We ask for a supporting donation from owners listing their dogs.

All listings should include:

  • Name of the dog
  • Picture(s), preferably side and front view
  • Age and sex
  • Health/medical information, Including whether spayed/neutered
  • Training
  • Current situation the dog is living in
  • The type of environment best suited for the dog to be successful
  • Purebred ES or ESy dog
  • Current location (City, State)
  • Contact information for the current owner

Listings cannot include:

  • ‘Adoption fee’ if the dog is currently owned by a private party
  • Breeder’s name (we ask that the breeder, if known, be contacted for assistance in rehoming the dog)








Other Rescue Organizations

The following dogs are with other Rescue Organizations and are possibly not English Shepherds but they are English Shepherdish enough to be listed here. All adoptions are handled by the fostering Rescue Group. Please contact them or visit their web sites for more info about these dogs and other fine dogs they have in rescue!

PetFinder is a website devoted to listing dogs from shelters and rescue groups around the country. You can search PetFinder by breed or region to find the right dog for your family.

There are often English Shepherds listed on the PetFinder pages although sometimes the breed identification seems a little iffy. However, here are some dogs currently on the PetFinder website who are either ES or ESy. NESR has no connections with any of these organizations and makes no promises regarding the dogs listed here from PetFinders. We offer this list in the interest of one stop shopping...

If you have any questions about finding what you're looking for on PetFinders email Lynn for help.

Quincy in NJ - ADOPTED














NESR performs a temperament evaluation on all dogs it is considering bringing into rescue. NESR reserves the right to decline any dog based on the needs/temperament of the dog and the qualifications of foster homes available at the time.

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