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Rocky in MN

Meet Rocky! A 4-year old, tri-colored English Shepherd - a very big boy (87 lbs!). Rocky was surrendered to NESR because he is not well suited to a house with kids or teenagers. Rocky has been treated for Lyme and is now ready for his forever home.

Rocky would prefer a household where he is the only dog or is with a very neutral energy spayed female. In regards to cats, he is fine when they are stationary and wants to chase when they move. No cats! This sweet, eager boy will initially complain in a kennel, but is absolutely fine once he settles.

We are confident Rocky will continue to flourish when matched into a partnership in which he is given consistent feedback and the training approach is praise /reward based learning (he happily works for a portion of his daily kibbles). A partner who respects that Rocky needs time to bond and adjust before displaying his affection. A partner who is able to engage in daily low-impact exercise as well as support brain games, enrichment opportunities (such as feeder toys). Rocky is a dog that would likely enjoy and excel at sports such as nose-work and treibbal.

Rocky doesn't need boot camp for doggy delinquents. He needs a mutually beneficial partnership. A life shared with someone who is considerate of his interests and abilities as well as willing to help him respect the boundaries of home and human interactions.

Will you be that person for this sweet boy? If you are interested, please contact Brook at and put Rocky in the subject line.


Captain in MI

 Atten-SHUN!  Captain on Deck!  

Captain got promoted a little too early in life and it's all gone to his head.  Smart as a whip and now a little too bossy and vocal, Captain needs a fair and firm person to help him understand the pleasure of being a top notch First Mate.  An adult home or one with teenagers who will engage Captain in continued training would suit Captain well. Captain has a good background in basic obedience but comes on strong with other dogs and wants them to defer to him.  While this behavior has improved in his foster home where he resides with other dogs, a home with neutral female dogs who will defer to Captain is probably best.  He is a very active dog.  A home that can engage him in an active lifestyle to meet his physical and mental needs while still reinforcing behavior expectations would be ideal.  This is not a dog park dog or a dog that would do well in a city environment.  But country living? Hiking? Dog sports after a proper foundation in teamwork? You bet. 

If you are ready for the challenge of helping Captain get to a more suitable pay grade, please email Kim   Put NESR Captain in the subject













Bingo in KS- ADOPTED







NESR Dogs in Foster
These dogs are in foster care with NESR but are not yet ready for adoption.  We hope this allows you to follow the progress of these dogs as they prepare to move toward adoption.


Raider in TN - Adoption Pending

How do you do? My name is Raider. I am a 7 yr purebred male given up when my elderly breeder could no longer manage his dogs. My heartworm treatment is ongoing and I'm not quite ready for adoption yet.

I am a gentleman of a dog (you can tell by the way I cross my paws). I have an easy going, kind demeanor and a natural desire to please. I do like the ladies and tend to gravitate to women although I have learned to like and trust my foster dad as well. Kids are pretty neat too as long as they are kind, like the ones here.

I love the cat that lives here. He goes for walks with us everyday and I do not chase or harass him. I get along well with all my foster's female dogs but I am not keen on her intact male. He gives me the stink eye and I give it right back!  I would do best in a home as an only dog or in a home with girls only (I told you I was a ladies' man!)

I have spent a lot of time in a crate during my treatment. I go in willingly in command and am content to be there although I long for the day when I can be given more freedom.  I was raised and kept outside before coming to NESR and I have had to learn not to mark anything but trees and bushes. I am pretty reliable but my new owner will want to keep a watchful eye and remind if I forget. I love the house (especially this miracle you humans call air conditioning) and am happiest when I can hang out with my foster mom and lie at her feet.while she works on her computer or watches TV. I also like not having to weather thunder storms outside anymore as they make me a little nervous. I feel safe in my crate. 

My foster mom and I walk in the fields 
3-4 times a day and I respect the leash. I have actually gotten in better shape here despite being relegated to limited activity. I am trim and fit and pretty darned handsome if I do say so myself. As soon as I am cleared from the HW infection, I will be neutered and probably have my teeth cleaned. I broke some in the past and although they don't bother me, the nice people at NESR said they would help get them in better shape.  


Owner Referral

Part of our mission is to assist owners of English Shepherds in finding new homes for their dogs when they can no longer take care of them. The following dogs are listed as a service to those who must give up their dogs and prefer not to surrender them to a shelter.

Since we have not seen or evaluated these dogs, we cannot make any representation or take responsibility for any dog's temperament or health. Prospective adopters should contact the owner of a dog directly.

Criteria for listings on NESR website
Listings submitted by an accredited rescue are complimentary. We ask for a supporting donation from owners listing their dogs.

All listings should include:

  • Name of the dog
  • Picture(s), preferably side and front view
  • Age and sex
  • Health/medical information, Including whether spayed/neutered
  • Training
  • Current situation the dog is living in
  • The type of environment best suited for the dog to be successful
  • Purebred ES or ESy dog
  • Current location (City, State)
  • Contact information for the current owner

Listings cannot include:

  • ‘Adoption fee’ if the dog is currently owned by a private party
  • Breeder’s name (we ask that the breeder, if known, be contacted for assistance in rehoming the dog)


Jerome in PA

ESy mix puppy available.

Birthdate 6-1-21. Farm dog, hobby dog sports, or active companion home compatible. Suitable for home with other dogs, cats, livestock and poultry. Not available to a home with young children, as he is merely *tolerant* of them, not uniformly delighted to see them.

Jerome is a male puppy who came about from an oopsie assignation between an Australian shepherd mom and a border collie cross dad. It's possible that he's 1/4 English shepherd (his brother's Embark report is pending, so stay tuned for these exciting results.) I'm calling his heritage "delightful stockdog melange." He fits in with our English shepherd pack as if one of them; I really see no variation from ES temperament.
Jerome and two of his littermates came to foster at Brandywine Farm so that each could get some training and socialization, be exposed to a working farm environment, and learn many things that will prepare him for a happy productive life. I've placed his brothers as SAR prospects. Jerome has fairly high drive levels, but I believe him to be a bit too sensitive to ask him for high-stress, high-pressure work. He would do better as a fun hobby competition dog, small farm dog, or active companion with a supportive handler who adjusts pace and pressure to Jerome.
Jerome first presented as a scaredy-puppy; turns out he's resilient, happy, and very brave when given a little bit of time, space, and no-nonsense leadership. He now enjoys adventures, new people and places. He will need support from his owner to maintain the relaxed and happy attitude he's developed in the past six weeks. He is not busy; he relaxes easily in the house after a moderately active day, is pretty good about distinguishing dog toys and chews from household items, and is learning manners from both humans and dogs. He is a great cuddler, relaxes beautifully in a lap. He crates well at night, in the car, and for feeding. He initially protest-barked in the crate; new owners will have to correct any tendency to return to that hobby before it gets started.
Jerome likes agility equipment if allowed to first explore it on his own. Very fetchy, enjoys any toy offered, but not obsessive. Really enjoys grounders with a flirt pole.
Jerome is starting to show some intelligent interest in the livestock here. He's now reliable among free-range poultry with only light supervision. He *hates* pigs, which is fair. The pigs ignore him.
As one might expect, he learns very quickly and is eager to learn more in every training session. Very nice recall, including off of powerful temptations. Checks in on his own.
He is likely to be tall and fairly large, in the 60 pound range. He has a nice structure, leggy and balanced (currently having an awkward growth spurt, but really, this sack of elbows phase will pass.) He might be slightly cowhocked, as is common in border collies. He moves beautifully and is agile.
He has *the best* ears.
He is fully vaccinated, on HW preventative, tick preventative, wormed.
Jerome is my puppy hero right now. I really expected him to be constantly battling neophobia and reactivity when he first arrived, but he's made the choice to be brave *on his own* without wheedling, coaxing or bribes, every time he gets the time and space to do so. He's fully converted from stranger-danger to greeting each new person boldly. He will need confident, no-nonsense owners who respect him for who he is, and are fair about holding him accountable for his behavior without forcing things on him too quickly. (But he responds to just and necessary compulsion and correction very well when he trusts the person applying it; he's not fragile.)
He would benefit from having the example of one or more calm, well-behaved adult dogs in his household. He really looks to the big dogs for guidance on how to act.
Jerome will be placed on a contract that includes return to me and a neuter requirement. I recommend late neutering for optimal physical and emotional development.
Homes within driving distance (however YOU define that) of Harmony, PA (16037) will be considered. I will check references and be picky about placement. Ask questions or for an email ( I fostered Jerome as a private person, not via NESR, as we knew the majority of his background is not ES.




Other Rescue Organizations

The following dogs are with other Rescue Organizations and are possibly not English Shepherds but they are English Shepherdish enough to be listed here. All adoptions are handled by the fostering Rescue Group. Please contact them or visit their web sites for more info about these dogs and other fine dogs they have in rescue!

PetFinder is a website devoted to listing dogs from shelters and rescue groups around the country. You can search PetFinder by breed or region to find the right dog for your family.

There are often English Shepherds listed on the PetFinder pages although sometimes the breed identification seems a little iffy. However, here are some dogs currently on the PetFinder website who are either ES or ESy. NESR has no connections with any of these organizations and makes no promises regarding the dogs listed here from PetFinders. We offer this list in the interest of one stop shopping...

If you have any questions about finding what you're looking for on PetFinders email Lynn for help.


NESR performs a temperament evaluation on all dogs it is considering bringing into rescue. NESR reserves the right to decline any dog based on the needs/temperament of the dog and the qualifications of foster homes available at the time.

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