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Nalu in BC

How do you do?  My name is Nalu! 

In addition to my poetic leanings, I consider myself a typical English Shepherd with that trademark bossy attitude that wants to rule the world. I grew up in the country but when my first family moved to the city I didn't adjust well as there was just too much that needed to be controlled!  Since coming into foster I have learned that I don't always have to be in charge and can relax and let my foster humans handle things.  I've also learned that dog friends can be good and that the world is a happy and safe place.  My foster humans tell me I have wonderful house manners.  I am calm and clean and good with all the two leggeds, even the little ones!  They also tell me I am very smart so I hope my new family will offer me opportunities to use my brain in productive ways.  Maybe obedience work or nose work would suit me.  I might like a buddy that could handle my rough and tumble play style but who is also chill enough to help me remember how to maintain the zen-like calm that I've been working on. I can't guarantee zen-like calm around cats though. Everyone knows how sneaky they are! 

At 4 years old, I am definitely all grown up but have plenty of energy for whatever comes my way. I particularly love hiking, running and exploring. I am spayed and up to date on all vetting and currently residing in Kamloops, BC.

If you think I'm your girl, please contact Ann at anncassidy7@gmail.com   




 Atten-SHUN!  Captain on Deck!  

Captain is now located in Tulsa OK, where he is having new adventures with a trainer/foster. Check back soon for an update on all the new things this active 4 year old has learned.












Draco in CT - ADOPTED























NESR Dogs in Foster
These dogs are in foster care with NESR but are not yet ready for adoption.  We hope this allows you to follow the progress of these dogs as they prepare to move toward adoption.


Saoirse in VT - ADOPTED










Owner Referral

Part of our mission is to assist owners of English Shepherds in finding new homes for their dogs when they can no longer take care of them. The following dogs are listed as a service to those who must give up their dogs and prefer not to surrender them to a shelter.

Since we have not seen or evaluated these dogs, we cannot make any representation or take responsibility for any dog's temperament or health. Prospective adopters should contact the owner of a dog directly.

Criteria for listings on NESR website
Listings submitted by an accredited rescue are complimentary. We ask for a supporting donation from owners listing their dogs.

All listings should include:

  • Name of the dog
  • Picture(s), preferably side and front view
  • Age and sex
  • Health/medical information, Including whether spayed/neutered
  • Training
  • Current situation the dog is living in
  • The type of environment best suited for the dog to be successful
  • Purebred ES or ESy dog
  • Current location (City, State)
  • Contact information for the current owner

Listings cannot include:

  • ‘Adoption fee’ if the dog is currently owned by a private party
  • Breeder’s name (we ask that the breeder, if known, be contacted for assistance in rehoming the dog)


Biscuit in SC - ADOPTED













Other Rescue Organizations

The following dogs are with other Rescue Organizations and are possibly not English Shepherds but they are English Shepherdish enough to be listed here. All adoptions are handled by the fostering Rescue Group. Please contact them or visit their web sites for more info about these dogs and other fine dogs they have in rescue!

PetFinder is a website devoted to listing dogs from shelters and rescue groups around the country. You can search PetFinder by breed or region to find the right dog for your family.

There are often English Shepherds listed on the PetFinder pages although sometimes the breed identification seems a little iffy. However, here are some dogs currently on the PetFinder website who are either ES or ESy. NESR has no connections with any of these organizations and makes no promises regarding the dogs listed here from PetFinders. We offer this list in the interest of one stop shopping...

If you have any questions about finding what you're looking for on PetFinders email Lynn for help.


NESR performs a temperament evaluation on all dogs it is considering bringing into rescue. NESR reserves the right to decline any dog based on the needs/temperament of the dog and the qualifications of foster homes available at the time.

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