Pedigree Project

Farm bred and farm raised, the English Shepherd has existed as a working type of dog for over a hundred years.
These dogs were little known away from farm or ranch and nearly disappeared as more specialized breeds became popular.

English Shepherds are mainly registered with three different organizations, the United Kennel Club (UKC)(since the 1930's), the International English Shepherd Registry (IESR) (since the 1950's), and the Animal Research Foundation (ARF) (since the 1950's) but frequently they are not registered at all.

Over the years many bloodlines have been lost making this rare breed seem even rarer. These pages are an attempt to keep track of pedigrees where known. There isn't any particular rhyme or reason to this collection but more pedigrees and corrections are always very very welcome.

Please contact Jan Hilborn if you have questions or if you have pedigree info you would like to share.

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