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For generations the English Shepherd has been bred to be a general all-purpose farm dog. They are eager to please but are usually bored by repetition, resistant to dominant forms of training, and often quite stubborn.

So here are a collection of training tips gathered from various sources that seem to work well with most English Shepherds. This is only a small overview and should not take the place of an obedience class, but it might help English Shepherd owners pick an obedience instructor with the right approach for this breed.

Jan says:

My dogs are not well trained. They are well socialized and well loved and they get along with most people and dogs they meet but they are not well trained. They don't jump on people, or beg for food, or run off - but they are not well trained. Compared to many dogs I meet they give the appearance of being obedience champions but believe me, they are not well trained. I am just lucky.

But after years of living with intelligent, long haired dogs I have a couple of really firm beliefs about training and dog stuff in general.

  • First, don't buy anything at all, not even a single dog biscuit, from any store that sells puppies. I don't care if they are giving stuff away, don't give them your business, don't even lend them your warm body to give the appearance of support. I'm not going to go ranting on about pet stores but if you have questions you can email me and I won't lecture but I will try to explain my reasons.
  • Support local businesses who seem to really care about animals. The SitStay GoOut Store is a good place to shop. A percentage of your purchase price is donated to NESR when you shop via this link.
  • This is a "martingale" collar. It is also called a "Champagne" (by Premiere) or a "Combo" (by Lupine ). Properly adjusted it fits loosely around your dog's neck without without interfering with its beautiful ruff. But when pulled tight it becomes unslippable without fully choking your dog. Martingales can be a challenge to find but this English Shepherd owner and web master strongly recommends them. Lupine "Combo" collar is beautifully made and comes in many nice patterns so if your local pet supply store carries Lupine products they can get you a martingale. You can also purchase Premiere brand martingales at the SitStay GoOut Store. Finding a Martingale is worth the effort.
  • And give Clicker Training a chance, it's an amazing training technique!

And now back to the training tips...

Other training oriented web pages I really like

Additional recommended readings

  • The Culture Clash
    Jean Donaldson
    ISBN 1-888047-05-04
  • Purely Positive Training
    Sheila Booth
  • How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With
    Rutherford & Neil
  • Don't Shoot the Dog
    Karen Pryor
    Sunshine Books Inc.
  • Dog Training in Ten Minutes
    Carol Lea Benjamin
    1997, Howell Book House of Simon&Schuster Macmillan Co.
  • Dogs for Dummies
    Gina Spadafori
    1996, IDG Books
  • The Art of Raising A Puppy
    The Monks of New Skete
    1991, Little, Brown & Co. Limited
  • Dog Problems
    Carol Lea Benjamin
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  • The Intelligence of Dogs
    Stanley Coren
    1994, A Bantam Book published by arrangement with the Free Press
  • Second Hand Dog
    Carol Lea Benjamin
    1989, Howell Book House Inc.
  • Good Owners, Great Dogs
    Brian Kilcommons
    Warner Books
  • Mother Knows Best
    Carol Lea Benjamin
    Howell Book House Inc.
  • The Dog's Mind: Understanding Your Dog's Behavior
    Bruce Fogle, D.V.M.
    1990, Howell Book House, NY
  • The Chosen Puppy
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  • Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence
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  • Dog Problems
    Carol Lea Benjamin
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  • Jelly Bean as Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde
    C. W. Meisterfield
  • Think Dog
    John Fisher

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